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Login if you are already an SocioON (THD) user?
After receiving the login email from the server, the user can login to the www.SocioON (THD) .com portal. In order to access the SocioON (THD) account, user uses the account activation link sent to their registered email address and email address as the username.

Enter your Email Address: Text field
Enter Password: Word you have chosen as password
Press Login: Button that redirects to Dashboard screen
Keep me logged in: Check Box to let the system remember your login credentials/details
Forgot Password: Link to new screen that will help you retain your password

When user opens www.SocioON (THD) .com in the browser to sign up OR login, a landing page will appear on the screen having following options:

Sign Up if you are New User?

If you are new user over SocioON (THD), you will have to sign up first to access the never ending fun, to sign up provide below information.


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Sign up with Facebook:
Step 1: Click on the Facebook button on the above screen
Step 2: Click on the button Continue as (Facebook Profile Name) on the next screen
Step 3: “Set Password Screen” will appear on your Desktop PC/Cell phone screen, so set the new password comprised on 8 characters (A combination of Alphabets + Numeric).
Step 4: Click on the change button
Step 5: On the next screens uploading profile picture, cover photo, adding friends dialogue box will appear, these are optional, you can upload DP, Cover Photo and add friends or simply skip these options by clicking on Skip Button.

The approximately above same method can be opt to sign up with the following:
Step 1: Sign up with LinkedIn
Step 2: Sign up with Google Plus
Step 3: Sign up with Microsoft Account

This feature helps users to retrieve their accounts when they forget passwords. User navigates to this screen through Forgot Password Link from the Sign up/Login screen, below are the instructions to use this page;

Enter your email address: you provided at the time of Sign Up

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This screen appears when user enters either wrong email or password, it will ask user to re-login with correct email and password.  It has following fields;

Email Address: Text field
Password: Text field
Keep me logged in: check box

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This page allows the user to change/reset the password for their SocioON (THD) account which they either forgot or want to change for privacy concerns.
To change the password, use the following instructions:
1. Open Change Password page from the link emailed you when you clicked Forgot password from the Login screen
2. In the New Password field, type the new password to set for your account.
3. In the Confirm New Password field, retype the new password to confirm it.
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Email Verification

After completing the Sign up procedures, the final step is to verify your Email Address which you have provided us during Sign Up.2

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Mobile Verification

Step 1.Click on “Verify Now” button on the top right bar appearing on the screen after login.
Step 2.Go To Mobile Verification section, there select your country.
Step 3.Select your Network Operator.
Step 4.Enter your mobile number with code e.g. 0333-1234567 (the country code will automatically be selected in the country code field). Now finally click on “Verify Now”.
Step 5.Click on “Ok” button to proceed further

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How To Recharge Account?

You can recharge SocioON (THD) “Technology for Human Development (THD)” in four easy steps.
Step 1. Go to Recharge Account from left side Account menu (tap the second Tab) on the SocioON (THD)
Step 2. click on Recharge Account
Step 3. Select your country (you belong to) then please select he payment method or gateway (the most feasible for you). Here you’ll see EasyPaisa, mobicash for Pakistan and Paypal or Western Union for international users.

Recharge With EasyPaisa?

Step 1. Repeat step 1 to 3 (stated in section How to Recharge SocioON (THD) Account)
And in step 3 select EasyPaisa icon.
Step 2. Send the Recharge amount to 0345-8540452 or 0345-8540457
Step 3. EasyPaisa will send an informational message to the sender as well as the receiver about
Step 4. The required money has been sent to the receiver.
Step 5. Also, the retailer will give you a “Transaction ID” commonly known as “PIN Code” or the hidden code
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Recharge With MobiCash?

Step 1. Repeat step 1 to 3 (stated in section How to Recharge SocioON (THD) Account) and in step 3 select MobiCash icon.
Step 2. Send the Recharge amount to SocioON (THD) Mobicash Account at 0300-8440479
Step 3. MobiCash will send an informational message to the sender as well as the receiver about the required money has been sent to the receiver.
Step 4. Also, the retailer will give you a “Transaction ID” commonly known as “PIN Code” or the hidden code.
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Recharge With PayPal?

Step 1. Repeat step 1 to 3 (stated in section How to Recharge SocioON (THD) Account) and select PayPal icon.
Step 2. Put the amount you want to recharge your SocioON (THD) Account in the “Set Balance in USD” field and then click on the Process payment button.
Step 3. You’ll be re-directed to PayPal Site where you can Process your Own Payment.
Step 4. The Recharge Account Request will be sent forth towards Verification Department. After Verification is done your Recharge Request will be solved.
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Recharge With Western Union?

Step 1. Repeat step 1 to 3 (stated in section How to Recharge SocioON (THD) Account) and select Western Union icon. You’ll find the following Receiver’s information. So provide the information to the Western union to send the money.
a. Receiver First Name: Yuan
b. Given Name: Huai zhi
c. Identity Card No: 420222198106203716
d. Office Address: SocioON (THD) office 909, No.1 Building, internet industrial park, Songshan lake high-tech Park, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China
e. Purpose: Purchase IT services from SocioON (THD).

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Coming Soon…

Step 1. Left click on the upper right corner on the profile picture
Step 2. Click on the “Logout” from the menu to logout from SocioON (THD) .com profile.

First of all we will try to understand about how to post at SocioON (THD) and then about various buttons appearing on that post in each timeline with its detailed functionality.

“Post Status is integrated in both Social and Business Timelines and both the Timelines are integrated with Privacy Tab”.

Status is to briefly Share and explain something “What’s New” to your life and surroundings or current event and situation you are facing right now. Updating a status is as you are going to reveal your real time situation infront of your friends and family.

Post Status is further supported by the followings:
i. Updates
ii. Image
iii. Video
iv. Smileys
v. Location (Google Map)
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How to Use Privacy Tab?

The SocioON (THD) has given an extra convenience to its users to make their posts (status) and profile safer and secure than ever. For extra convenience of our users, the SocioON (THD) has made it user friendly and a safer social place.

• You can find the “Privacy Tab” “button” to the “left side” of the “Post” button.
• The Privacy Tab has two distinct illustrations, the first one is showing a Globe that represents all the posts will posted public by default (if not chosen other categories) and the second button represents a drop down list button, if you click on the drop down menu button, you will find the following categories to share a specific post.
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Social Category

Now let’s try to understand the possible difference by making a specific post Public, or sharing in other categories.
The Social Timeline has been further divided into two categories as follows:
i. Social Category
ii. Personal Category

All the SocioON (THD) “Technology for Human Development” (THD) users can opt their own choice to post their status in their favorite and related supported category. Users have been given a direct access to all of their pages, shops, classified campaigns, jobs ads, life events, pictures of the day and blog etc.
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Personal Category

The personal category of the social timeline includes your personal posts/sharing/information to your close friends and family. The Personal category is comprised on the following sub categories.
a) What’s in Your Mind? : Users can update their status as what’s going on in their minds through “What’s in Your Mind?” (A Personal Sub-Category) to tell others (Friends & Family and general public) in order to gather their Feedback in shape of comments, likes and shares etc.
b) Live ON:
c) Life’s Event
d) Diary
e) Picture of the Day
f) Video of the Day
g) Articles
h) Poetry
i) City News
j) Blog
k) Blood Donation Post
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The following buttons are distributed (but according with timelines behavior and functionality) and displayed on every post of all the twelve timelines.
Great Job
These are also called the action buttons and on performing action on all these buttons, the users earn money.
When you make your post public then the buttons under the Post Advert Revenue becomes ON/Visible on those specific posts and you and the other users, on performing various activities, start earning.
The Post Advert Revenue is the Total Revenue comes from the various activities on that post i.e, from all likes, shares, referral, comments, shares, promote and Great jobs etc.


Almost every post on each of the timelines have a Like button. The “Like” button tells the total No. of likes of a specific post. By pressing the Like button, the counter incremented by one each time.
By clicking on this link user (who clicks) receives $0.00225/click and the post owner receives $0.00015/click
Note*: You are allowed to perform certain amount of clicks per hour.


On most posts at SocioON timelines, you will see the comment section. Comments is to answer about the question, query, giving view point, making a note or replying in form of text, image beneath the SocioON post.

The Comment button tells the total No. of comments on a specific post. By pressing the Comment button, the counter incremented by one each time.
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The Share button is also available on almost every post in each timeline. When your post attracts the users they are compelled to share your posts with their friends and family. The no. of shares shows the people interests in that post/status.

The Share button also tells the total No. of Shares on a specific post. By pressing the Share button, the counter is always incremented by one each time.

By Sharing a post/status user (who Shares) receives $0.00225/Share and the post owner receives $0.00015/Share.

What is Great Job?

The Great Job is a button and appears beneath the posts (alongwith like, comment and share buttons etc.), when you or someone make a post at SocioON (THD Timelines (Social & Business Timelines and others).

What does Great Job do?

It increases your income the way faster than you spend. If anyone click the Great Job button at your posts or you click on the other’s posts, in both cases money will be added into that post that is not refundable. So receiving too many Great Jobs ultimately shows the quality of that post.
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What is Feed ?

The Feed is what you invest to other’s posts. Normally any post can be fed. The benefit of feeding a post is, you become an equal partner to that post incoming revenue. And the most interesting fact about feeding and becoming a partner in that specific post is that anyone feeding the post will become the partner of the previous feeders and the Feeders at previous step will receive more profit share through the invested post and then the next feeder will have edge and then so on.
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What is Promote?

Promote is what you invest to your own post, in both cases money will be added into the post that anyone can earn by performing actions
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This feature is available at “Opinion ON” timeline. User can reply directly to other users’ opinion on current affair, issues and on some events.

By Replying against and Opinion, a user (who Replies) receives $0.00225/Reply and the Opinion owner receives $0.00015/Opinion-Reply.


A Review Button appears on each product appearing on the business timeline. Product Reviews at SocioON gives an opportunity to customers to rate the product after usage that will help the other customers to take an advance decision while purchasing that specific one.

The Review button also tells the total No. of Reviews on a specific product. On successful Review the counter is always incremented by one each time.

By reviewing a product, a user (who Reviews) receives $0.00225/Review and the shop  owner receives $0.00015/Review.

The other button includes;
a) Green Heart
b) Red Heart
c) Buy
d) Contact

Green Heart VS Red Heart

•All posts are promoted by default and have a “Promote” button with “Green Heart” .
•SocioON (THD) (THD) allows you to make your first post (after every 24 hours) for updating status without any cost but that post will have a “Promote” button with “Red Heart” . When you or anyone else go for investing a budget to promote that post, the heart will become green after promotion.
• A post that is either Fed or Promoted will have a “Green Heart” , so any one who perform Like/Dislike/Comment/Share actions to this post will get some money against those actions (this action budget is defined by the donor, however it does have a minimum limit)
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Contact and Buy

Both these buttons are available at “Business ON” timeline’s Products. If user is interested he can simply press the “Contact” button to directly communicate with the Shop owner or with the agent. If they agreed on rates and terms and conditions then user can press the “Buy” button to buy that product.

After login to the SocioON (THD), “Technology for Human Development” (THD), users land to the page, and the dashboard consists on overall functionality of the socioon. It includes the main menu (left hand side), which further divided into following various categories.
• Various income ON Timelines
• My Personal
• Business ON
• Pages
• Profession ON
• Settings
• Classified / Advertise
• Other
• socioON
• Other Features
The idea behind the all the timelines running simultaneously is none other than “engaging the social user directly with the Business Professionals” that’s why we call it SocioON (THD), A Social Cum Business Media.

Social ON

What is Social ON?
How to Upload Display Picture?
How to Upload Cover Photo / Picture?
What’s in the About Section of SocioON (THD) Profile?
How to Add/ Edit Basic Information?
How to Edit Work and Education?
How to Add / Edit Place in SocioON (THD) Profile?
How to Edit the Political Affiliations?
How to View or Remove Friends from Friends List?
How to Re-Add a Deleted / Unfriended Friend?
How to Delete a Photo from Photos and Categories?
How to hide Photos from everyone at SocioON (THD)?
How to Set up Video Privacy Settings?
How to Delete, Pin/Unpin, Edit, Hide and Enable Dislike Button on the Videos?
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Opinion ON

Opinion ON is also a social timeline within the SocioON where users can share their opinions on current affairs, public affairs, celebrity or on something trending in a particular geographical area. Users can also reply to others opinions on their timelines.
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Pages ON

My Pages
Followed Pages
Political Pages
Promoted Pages List
Find Pages
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Political ON

Users can be the worker for any political party from apart the world, they can join and facilitate their campaign in an effective way. If you have any affiliation with any political party of any country in the world, you can simply join and post your political campaigns (in shape of status) in that category.

How to Join a Political Party?

You can join one Political Party at a time. If you have already joined a party and now you want to change your political party/affiliation, then you have to leave that already joined party. Once you have left your already joined political party, now you are able to join the new political party.

So to join a political party;

  • Go to pages (from L.H.S, main menu) then click on Political Pages
  • Find your country category and select the party to join, click “Join Party


How to Post on Political ON?

Post Advert Revenue Buttons on Opinion ON Post

After creating post in Opinion ON Timeline, the following buttons appear under the post which becomes a valid source of earning at socioON, Technology for Human Development.

  • Like
  • Referral
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Promote
  • Great Job

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Profession ON

The SocioON (THD) , “Technology for Human Development” (THD) has introduced a latest platform named as “Profession ON” for the assistance of the professional to directly input some necessary information and to develop their own professional page in a few seconds.

A profession is something a little more than a job, person who is well skilled having years of experience and fully competent in his selected field. A professional always maintains his/her skills through continuing professional development (CPD) and behave ethically keeping in mind the public interests.

SocioON (THD) provides you the facility to get engaged socially to the general public nationally and internationally to increase a definite interaction with them. The Profession ON is purely for doctors, engineer, accountant, lawyer, salesman, teacher, advertiser, financial advisor, marketer or whatever profession you belong to! But specialized in your profession.
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Classified ON

As IncomeON (THD) is a social cum business website, it creates a resonance between its social media users and businessmen. It allows a businessman to create an Ad management campaign(s)/Classified to flourish his business to the new ends. Your ads will be displayed as according with your defined fed settings at the time of creating campaign(s).

It is important to mention here that IncomeON is more focused on making new friends and circles and then promoting each other’s products by sharing between them in an efficient way. People who are seeing the products may place an order directly to the product owner in the chat and I think this is a great way of eye to eye catching the seller and the buyer with no third party involvement. The other user who are sharing and  liking the classified ads or any other posts and making some valuable comments that are considered the review of the products, are  also making money online by performing these actions vulnerably.
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Business ON

Business ON

What is Business ON?

Business ON Timeline shows various products from various user’s virtual shops however we can create our own shop(s) and then add products in them.

Business Timeline has various features, some of them are as follows:

  1. We can differentiate Business Timeline from Social Timeline, as the Social Timeline is more involve in engaging people socially but at Business Timeline users are marketing their business, shops and products.
  2. Business Timeline displays the products of your own created shop(s) or anyone else’s shop/shops that you are following randomly if any.
  3. You can feed anyone’s product to add money into it
  4. You can earn money by Liking/commenting/Reviewing/sharing any Fed product
  5. A product cannot be added into a shop unless users have money into their accounts (Spendable Section)
  6. You can buy/hit a Product
  7. You can Rate the Product
  8. You can check the details of the product
  9. You can go to Shops timelines to view more products
  10. You can search any shop or product

Business ON has two aspects in terms of timelines;

  • Global Timeline: shows the products from all the shops which are followed by the user.
  • Local (Personal) Timeline: shows the users personal shops’ products.

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Referral Link

Earnings & Revenues


Invite Friends

SocioON (THD)  Inbox

Earnings & Revenues

This Link shows all the earnings and revenues for every single profile. Here users can see the overview of their earnings (with click & without Click), spending, revenues-recharge and cash withdrawals history of the current day (today), last seven days, 30 days and all the time so far.
Moreover, it has been explicitly narrated in earlier section.


This link will take user to his/her friend list from where you can see all your friends you have added or can remove any friend from your friend list. There are different categories to keep people separately for privacy concerns as there are different access levels for different category users. User can switch between categories (i.e. Friends, family and business), these categories are selected at the time of adding friends into your SocioON (THD) account.

Invite Friends

This link will take you to the “See Who You Already Know on SocioON (THD) ” page, where users can add friends they already know from other social media websites like Facebook, Outlook, Google and Twitter. Users can also invite friends from SocioON (THD)  too.

SocioON (THD) Inbox

By clicking, this will take you to the SocioON (THD) Inbox Page where user can view the following options:
• My Jobs :
Further clicking on My Jobs link will lead you towards the list of saved or posted jobs.
• Profile Visitors:
Clicking on this link will take you towards “Who Viewed Your Profile” this pages generates a list of all the viewers who have viewed your profile so far.
• Newsletter
Here you will find a list of all the newsletter sent by the SocioON (THD), technology for Human Development (THD)
• Messages
This section contains all the SocioON (THD) chat so far, done with the friends and family.

Political Party

This link will take user to his/her joined political party timeline where he/she can check all the posts and updates about the party. User can perform actions too against each posts.

The Accounts section refer to the administrative panel of your SocioON (THD) profile which is divided into the following sub categories:

A user can have control on its own profile settings, he/she have the following options to customize his profile.


  • Users can edit/change their Name, Password, language and Time Zone by clicking on the “edit button on” the right hand side.
  • Users can also have the option to deactivate their account by clicking on “Deactivate Account”.


The Privacy section is to hide the following profile information from the other users and it includes:

Who can see my stuff?

Users can set their “Who can see my stuff” (Privacy Settings) by pressing the Edit Button , to select the single option from drop down options (Public, Friends, Only Me, Family, Business or Friends of Friends)

Who can contact me?

Users can set their “Who can contact me?” (Privacy Settings) by pressing the Edit Button , to select the single option from drop down options (Public, Only Me or Friends of Friends)
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Ignore Settings

• Users can find a list of people he ignored once alongwith their User Name.
• Users can find a list of pages he ignored once alongwith their Page Name.

Blocked Users

• Users can see a list of all the blocked people by him alongwith “Action” required (e.g., unblock a specific or all users).

Block Someone

To block someone at SocioON (THD)


Step 1:      Go to Search bar at the top left corner at SocioON (THD)  and find that irritating person whom you want to block.

Step 2:      Now click on the three doted button in the right-side bottom corner of the cover photo and choose the block user.

Step3:  Chose ok if you want to block that specific user and cancel if you don’t

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This section comprised on all the “Recharge Account” forms and methods.

Note*: This section is already explained in Chapter 1 section 1.7.3 Verification Through Recharging Account. Or Visit this LINK.

It includes all the history of the user’s spending money in various activities.

In Spending Overview, a user can see all of his spending activities of current day, last 7 days, last 30 days or all of the spending for all time from start to till the last moment.

Spending Overview Formula

Total Spending Overview = Social (spending on social timeline) + Business (spending on Business timeline)

Where a specific user spends his earning or his deposited money into his spendable in the following activities:

  • Feeds
  • Promotions
  • Great Jobs Awarded
  • Donation Awarded
  • Page/Shop Promotions
  • Classified

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This section is comprised on all the statistical history about withdrawing amount (your earnings with clicks and without clicks). If you are not verified yet, you cannot withdraw amount and if you do not have sufficient amount of earnings in your account, your Withdraw Amount option will be disabled.

Withdraw Amount contains the statistical data about:

Current Earnings

It is the most recent earning with click and without click since a user has completed his last successful withdrawn request.

Total Earnings (All Time)

It is the total earning of all time i.e., from start (from the first post at SocioON (THD) while after sign up) to end (to the last post ever made on SocioON (THD))
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Why Withdrawable is half?

Don’t worry, this is the default behavior of the SocioON (THD), as it is the Technology for Human Development and its basic purpose is to work for the welfare of the others. This is why your current earning is divided by 2 equal parts, the one part goes to withdrawable income and the other part goes to your spendable balance, in order to support the cause as “Technology for Human Development”. With this amount you can create public posts to start earnings not only for yourself but for others too

This section shows all of your previous transactions history with a list view, you ever made from SocioON (THD).

Note*:  A detailed article on Account Verification Methods is already explained.

This Section includes other than the social media features which includes the following buit in apps;

Local Weather

Namaz Timings

Gold Rates

Online TV

Local Weather

Clicking on Weather link will take the users to the online weather report hour by hour, minute by minute 24/7, 365 days on the SocioON (THD). The auto Geo Location will forecast the weather report for all the cities of Pakistan india UK, US, Canada, Australia and the rest of the all world

Namaz Timings

Clicking this link will take the users to the latest and accurate prayers timings (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha) accross the world only at SocioON (THD). SocioON (THD) Auto Geolocation enables you to locate your local salat time, prayer time, Salah times, Athan (Azan, Adhan, Salah, Salat) & Qiblah according to your current location

Gold Rates

This link will take the user to the Live Gold Price Chart of International Market in USD Dollar per Ounce.

Currency Rates

Pressing this link will lead the user to the Currency Converter Application fully functional for the ease of its users all around the world. Registered and non-registered people are allowed to calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates with this free currency converter.

Online TV

This link will take the user to the online video and TV Streaming of Pakistani and international TV channels (regarding entertainment, sports, religion, and politics etc.) The channels includes, Geo, Sama, PTV, Dunya News, ARY NEWS, Ten Sports, PTV World, BOL, Cricket Gateway and too many other exclusive live channels for online streaming.

Contact US

Clicking his link will take the users to the page where they can contact with SocioON (THD) (in case of any urgency), the team will response you soon.


Shows a country-wise list of Franchise Network available or booked.


Clicking this will lead the users to the SocioON (THD) official blog website where you can find all the latest updated, tutorials, mission statement and the message of the chairman etc.

Quick Guide / Help

This link will take the users to the Quick Guide, in order to setup their account at basic level and start communicating with friends and family.


This link will lead you the frequently asked questions asked by the SocioON (THD) users, in order to save the other user’s time. So they can easily find the answers of their

Developers Tool

This link will take the developers to the SocioON (THD) Developers Tools, so that they can embed code to their sites and applications easily.

SocioON Support

SocioON (THD)  owns JS Support Ticketing and clicking on this link will take the users to the support section, where users can easily add tickets in real time environment and get noticed and replied by the highly talented SocioON (THD)  Support Team.


clicking on the Logout will allow you to leave the sanctioned session by the SocioON (THD)  and you will be no more have access to your SocioON (THD)  account. To get access to your account, you will have to RE-LOGIN to your SocioON (THD) Account.